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6 Ways to Find Your Niche in the Office

6 Ways to Find Your Niche in the Office

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Working with clients on a personal level to not only find the best rates, but to understand your needs, concerns & dreams for the future. Looking to build relationships that outlast the mortgages! I've been working in mortgages since 1999! I don't do RRSP's, loans, investments, JUST mortgages, rental mortgages, Secured Lines of Credit, if it's attached to Real Estate I very well may be able to offer you some great advice and good service for your borrowing needs! As a mortgage broker then lenders pay me a referral commission. 90% of the clients I work with there is no additional charges, 10% of the time there is, if you have damaged credit what we call Alternative Lending, commercial needs or complex Rental purchasing, then there may be an additional charge, but you can rest assured, if there is, I will most certainly disclose those details right up front to you, never any surprises when working with me, I promise you that!
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